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January 2012 Data Management Workshop

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09/10/2013 - 3:35pm

January 2012 Data Management Plan Workshop

Workshop Recording
(We apologize for an issue with slides not advancing in the recorded version.  Please download the presentations below to view all presented content.)


Phil Tarrant (Global Institute of Sustainability)
Mary Whelan (Library – Cyberinfrastructure Services)

Online Resources

DMP Tool - to get started creating plans select ASU and choose ‘new user’, login using your ASU credentials

ASU Digital Repository  (presented during the workshop by Mimmo Bonanni) - the place to store your final data, meta data, other project information and materials.

Further Information

If you missed the workshop please consider attending a future session.  We need to understand your challenges and perspective so we can invest in the best solutions.

For those that requested contact information, see presenter information below.  We strongly recommend you reach out to the library to get in touch with your subject librarian and encourage you to become familiar with the ASU Digital Repository.


Sean Dudley
Assistant Director, OKED Research Operations
Manager, Enterprise Research Systems
Sean [dot] Dudley [at] asu [dot] edu

Phil Tarrant
Director of Information Technology, Global Institute of Sustainability
Philip [dot] Tarrant [at] asu [dot] edu

Mary Whelan
Geospatial Data Analyst, Cyberinfrastructure Services
Mary [dot] Whelan [at] asu [dot] edu