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Departmental Grant P-Cards and GRT Dummy Grant Accounts

Last updated: 04/08/2022 - 2:25pm

Departmental Grant P-Cards

GRT Dummy Grant Accounts



P-Cards do not allow for the allocation of charges between grant and non-grant accounts within PaymentNet. Consequently, grant P-Card purchases should be made with a grant P-Card to avoid the need for cost transfers. For those units who do not want to request a unique P-Card for each grant but do want the ability to use the PaymentNet allocation functionality, there is the option to request a departmental grant P-Card. This allows units to make grant P-Card purchases on a single card and then use the PaymentNet functionality to allocate charges across grant accounts prior to posting in Workday. See > Purchasing Card for detailed instructions.

The departmental grant P-Card is associated with a dummy grant in Workday. The dummy grant has a GRT prefix, does not exist in ERA and does not have a budget. It simply serves as a mechanism to allow units to request a departmental grant P-Card. All (100%) of the charges to this departmental grant P-Card must be allocated to grant accounts within PaymentNet as incurred. Units are required to provide an unrestricted program account number (IE: RID) as a guarantee for the GRT dummy grant account. This number is added to the end of the GRT name and is the responsible account for the P-Card grant.

Any expenses that were not re-allocated timely in PaymentNet will post to the dummy grant and must be immediately transferred off. Monitor balances via the Workday report Expenditure Monitoring - PCard Grant Holding Account Balances. Large and/or re-occurring balances indicate that a review of departmental P-Card review processes is needed. Fiscal Oversight monitors charges to the departmental grant P-Card on a monthly basis. Charges that are not removed promptly by the department are eligible to be moved by FOT to the responsible program listed on the GRT account name.



GRT dummy grant accounts are activated by the OKED Workday Grant Administration team. Transfer of unallocated departmental grant p-card charges will be auto-transferred monthly by Financial Services. Units who wish to request a GRT dummy grant should submit a ticket in Service Now, which will be routed to the Workday Grants Administration team. The request should contain the following data elements:

1. Grant Name – use PCard Grant as a prefix in your dummy grant name;

2. Grant Hierarchy – designate the grant hierarchy to which the dummy grant should be attached; Please note that Grant PCard Allocators will be able to allocate departmental grant p-card charges to all grants attached to the designated grant hierarchy; i.e. charges can be allocated to any grant account attached below the designated grant hierarchy node;

3. Activity – use Activity worktag A1101 General Department Research/IIA/RID;

4. Campus;

5. Fund – use FD3003 Sponsored PCard Clearing;

6. Cost Center;

7. Grant Manager Name – defaults based on grant hierarchy;

8. Grant PCard Allocator Name – defaults based on grant hierarchy;

9. RID program – designate the RID program to which unallocated charges should be transferred.


Step by Step Illustration

1. Log in to My ASU from the ASU home page:

2. Click on Service link on top banner:


3. Click on Service Catalog link:


4. Click on Financial Management System link under Categories on left side bar:


5. Click on FMS Support:


The request screen will appear:


6. Select Grants in the Request Type field:


7. Enter the following information in the Description field:


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