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Current & Pending (C&P) Tool

Current & Pending (C&P) Tool User Guide

The purpose of a current & pending report (also referred to as other support) is to assess possible principal investigator and other senior/key personnel commitments, in order to get a general sense of what other projects require a portion of their time. Depending on sponsor requirements, the report may include everything from planned, to pending, to current projects. Its use is generally informational in nature.

The Current & Pending (C&P) Tool will assist Research Advancement staff with the development of current and pending reports for ASU researchers. The tool draws its information from the Sponsored Data Warehouse, which is refreshed nightly from ERA and COEUS.

When submitting a proposal S2S (system to system) in ERA, you must upload the C&P report as a PDF file.

Both National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) report formats are available. See the Current & Pending (C&P) Tool User Guide for complete instructions.

NOTE: Prior to uploading an NSF current and pending report to FastLane, convert the Word document to PDF to ensure that check boxes remain checked. If the Word version is uploaded directly, the FastLane conversion to PDF will clear any checked boxes.

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