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Global Futures Laboratory Research Development Office (GFL RDO)

Last updated: 08/05/2020 - 2:56pm

Research Development Office


Provide infrastructure, leadership, training, and resources to promote integrated scholarly activities and increased research competitiveness in the pursuit of external funding.


The GFL RDO team is focused on building competitive sustainability, complexity, and futures oriented- research by assisting faculty, GFL research centers and GFL focal areas in building an enterprise approach to research success. These activities will focus on competitiveness, capacity building, strategic thinking, and transdisciplinary collaboration.

Service Areas:

Global Futures Research Accelerator
The sustainability challenges facing society require novel approaches to use-inspired science with local-to-global impact. The Global Futures Research Accelerator empowers ASU Sustainability Scientists and Scholars to develop an enterprise research strategy to increase competitiveness, funding success, partnerships and societal impact. Applications for this program are due late spring for a fall start.

Global Institute of Sustainability & Innovation Research Centers
Working with the centers, RDO will provide guidance and strategic planning support. Working with these individual centers we will identify integrated opportunities to collaborate and assist them in creation of their research portfolio plan.

Global Futures Focal Areas
Working with KE Competitive Intelligence, we will build upon current data to further develop collaborative mapping both internal and external of ASU. We will also work with the Focal Areas to create research strategies, sponsor profiling to ensure their sustainability research is in line with research trends.

Research Advancement Services (RAS) - RAS partners with faculty from assigned units to develop proposals. RAS manages the administrative aspects of proposal preparation so that faculty are free to focus on the scientific or programmatic aspects of the proposal. RAS support includes building proposal budgets, internal routing, reviews, approvals, and coordinating submissions. For additional information on the RAS team and their services, please visit

Action Areas:

Increase Readiness - Increase strategic planning that will allow faculty to identify targeted funding opportunities that align with the mission and vision of the Global Futures Laboratory.

Expand Opportunities – Diversify the research scope with identification of targeted and unique funding opportunities and develop a funding landscape analysis.

Develop Faculty - Strengthen faculty research enterprise development strategies to amplify research competitiveness.

Faculty Consultation - Services start with individual consultations that allow RDO staff to co-create strategies to with a focus on research competiveness. The GFL RDO team will analyze current areas of need and work with the faculty to create a roadmap for success.

Meet the team

Ann Marie Hess Capture Manager:
Rena Saltzman Project Manager:
For proposal support, please request by emailing Research Advancement Services:

*With questions regarding research development please contact either Ann Marie Hess via email: or

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